Box of knives bursts open on Istanbul road

40 cars' tires damaged in freak accident on busy highway, stopping traffic on a major bridge.

Box of knives bursts open on Istanbul road
World Bulletin/News Desk
A freak accident, where a box full ofknives burst open on a busy highway, disrupted traffic for two hours in Istanbul on Tuesday night.

A truck carrying stationery was travelling to Ankara when a package of utility knives spilled out on one of Istanbul’s busiest roadways, the Halic Bridge.

Around 40 cars had their tires damaged by the whirling metal. There were no reports of any deaths of injuries.

Some drivers who lost only one tire were able to continue but others had to wait on the highway for road aid teams.

One member of a road aid team which attended the scene said that he had yet to see such an accident in his 35 years’ experience.

“We came here to help but we were puzzled as to what to do. There were even cars with four tires blown out. Some of them have two tires blown out. You can change one with a spare tire but what can we do for the other one?” he said, according to local newspaper Hurriyet.

Over 1,200,000 road accidents occurred in Turkey in 2013, in which 3,685 people were killed and almost 300,000 wounded, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Aralık 2014, 20:06