Decrease in rainfall could trigger use of natural gas in summer

Turkish energy minister says a decrease in rainfall could cause an increase in the use of natural gas for electricity production during summer.

Decrease in rainfall could trigger use of natural gas in summer

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The use of natural gas could increase in the summer in order to close the gap in electricity production caused by a lack of rainfall, said Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz on Monday.

The current decrease in the level of rainfall and snowfall across the country negatively affects the water levels in the hydroelectric power plants and is likely to create a decrease in electricity production in dams, said Yildiz during a press conference in Ankara.

He added that the use of natural gas for electricity production in summer - which usually declines periodically in the summer season – is set to increase.

The gas price, which generally does not see a price surge in the summer, may also increase, if the use of natural gas increases.

Turkey produces a quarter of its electricity from hydroelectric power plants, built on country’s rich river systems. Turkey also depends heavily on natural gas and lignite thermal power plants.

The country plans to build two nuclear power plants to increase energy resources and decrease its dependence on energy imports, to prevent an increased trade deficit.

Yildiz also said that other alternative options for electricity production should be optimized, including renewable energy and thermal power plants using lignite, in order to avoid electricity shortages that would affect industries and households.

The minister emphasized that taxes on the oil and diesel may decrease, depending on the approach of the finance ministry.

Turkey currently has taxes on oil and diesel at around 58 percent and 50 percent respectively.

The minister also accepted the newly appointed Mustafa Yilmaz, head of Energy Market Regulatory Authority, EMRA, during the press conference.

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