DHKP-C brandish guns in Istanbul riots

The far-left DHKP-C group is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization.

DHKP-C brandish guns in Istanbul riots

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Photographs of masked men with weapons in the streets of Turkey's biggest city Istanbul have surfaced, after violent clashes left two dead this week.

Turkish police were forced to respond with rubber bullets and tear gas after coming under attack by extreme left-wing DHKP-C members in the Istanbul district of Okmeydani on Thursday.

Bystander Ugur Kurt and Ayhan Yilmaz died as a result of their injuries they sustained during the clashes, as DHKP-C members hurled grenades, Molotov cocktails and stones at police.

The eight police who dispersed Thursdays riots had their guns confiscated as an investigation began into Ugur Kurt's death, after he was shot in the head with live ammunition at the entrance of an Alevi lodge.

Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu said: "We need to find those responsible for the killing now. We have already started the investigation, and whoever shot (Ugur Kurt), whether they are police officers or others, will be found."

A police chief at the crime scene in Okmeydani barely escaped with is life when DHKP-C sympathizers attempted to lynch him in the process of the investigation on Friday.

About 50 DHKP-C sympathizers continued to riot in the Kadikoy and Sultangazi districts on Friday night, leaving seven police officers in need of treatment.

Ugur Kurt, 30, was buried in his home city of Sivas on Friday. However, DHKP-C sympathizers who attempted to stir sentiments at the funeral were silenced by Kurt's sister, who blamed them for his killing.

DHKP-C, which is internationally recognized as a terrorist group, also claimed the killing of 22-year-old bystander Burak Can Karamanoglu in March, who was shot as he watched them protesting the death of Berkin Elvan - a 15-year-old who lost his life 9 months after being critically injured during last summer's Gezi Park riots in Taksim.

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