DHKP/C lawyers allegedly reveal confessors' names to group

The lawyers allegedly revealed the names of arrested suspects to the organization as a precaution should the members decide to reveal the DHKP/C's secrets to the court.

DHKP/C lawyers allegedly reveal confessors' names to group

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Testimonies by secret witnesses in an indictment recently prepared against lawyers of the far-left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) have revealed that the lawyers notified the organization about DHKP/C members testifying against it as part of an active repentance law.

The testimonies of secret witnesses, included in an indictment accepted by the İstanbul 23rd High Criminal Court against the pro-DHKP/C lawyers, who are members of the People's Law Office and the Contemporary Lawyers' Association (ÇHD), reveal the organizational structure of the DHKP/C.

According to the testimonies, the lawyers revealed the names of suspects arrested for being a member of an organization in various police operations to the organization as a precaution should the members decide to reveal the DHKP/C's secrets to the court as part of the active repentance law -- or Article 221 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), which stipulates the release without punishment of members of “terrorist organizations” who turn themselves in as long as they have not been involved in any armed clashes with security forces or attacks on civilians.

By doing so, the lawyers were trying to deter the arrested members from speaking out by placing pressure on them. According to the indictment, the lawyers also questioned the DHKP/C suspects in prisons.

According to the testimony of a secret witness, codenamed “2012/2,” the People's Law Office was established by the DHKP/C and is operating on its behalf.

The secret witness said the aim of the People's Law Office is to provide lawyers to arrested DHKP/C members in order to prevent them from speaking out or revealing the secrets of the group to other lawyers.

Stating that these lawyers are well-known by almost all DHKP/C members, the secret witness said: “If these lawyers come, the detained suspects remain silent. When a DHKP/C member is detained, the other members who escaped immediately inform the People's Law Office lawyers. These lawyers rush to the police stations where the detained DHKP/C members are being detained…. As far as I know, communication between the detained members and the terrorist organization is through these lawyers. These lawyers also give the names of the DHKP/C members who speak up as part of the active repentance law to the terrorist group after they learn of their identities through their sources in courthouses.”

Another secret witness who testified at the İstanbul Public Prosecutor's Office on May 29 claimed that a DHKP/C member identified as Asuman Akça was interrogated in the prison by lawyer Taylan Tanay -- also the chairman of the ÇHD İstanbul branch -- a week after she was arrested.

“Tanay questioned the detained suspect on behalf of the organization. The lawyer asked Akça how she got arrested and asked questions such as ‘Didn't you have a gun with you when the police officer come to detain you?' and ‘Why didn't you fight the police?'”

More than 50 suspected members of the DHKP/C, including nine lawyers affiliated with the ÇHD, were arrested and sent to jail last week while several more were released pending trial.

The arrests followed a major police crackdown on the group in mid-January. On Jan. 18, police raided the homes of a number of suspected members of the DHKP/C in several cities, including İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

The lawyers were reportedly held on accusations of receiving messages and orders from jailed leaders of the DHKP/C.

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