Greece refuses to deport wanted militant to Turkey

Ismail Akkol has been wanted in Turkey for 18 years in connection with the murder of a businessman.

Greece refuses to deport wanted militant to Turkey

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A Greek court has ruled against deporting a known member of the Turkish far-left militant group DHKP-C who is accused of beind behind the assassination of businessman Ozdemir Sabanci.

Ismail Akkol, 41, who was hiding in Athens under tha name Cengiz Bayir, is wanted in Turkey to face criminal charges the gunning down of the popular businessman in 1996.

Akkol was arrested by Greek police along with fellow DHKP-C members Huseyin Fevzi Tekin, Murat Korkut and Bilgehan Karpat in February.

The court also rejected Turkey's request to extradite members Hasan Biber and Mehmet Yayla, who were arrested in an earlier operation while shipping weapons off a Greek island, despite an extradition agreement signed between Turkey and Greece in 1939.

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Conrad Lodziak
Conrad Lodziak - 7 yıl Before

Well done Greece.

Peter - 7 yıl Before

Greece does not keep international agreements.This country cannot be trusted on anything.Since Greece does not recognize the 1939 agreement between Turkey on extradition,why should the world recognize the Bucharest agreement on the illegal partition of Macedonia in 1913? It is time for the UN,NATO and EU to put pressure on Greece to abide by the international laws as in the 2012 ICJ Macedonia-Greece dispute and behave responsibly in the international community.