Greece refuses to extradite DHKP-C leader to Turkey

A Greek court refused Turkey's demand to extradite illegal organization member Huseyin Fevzi Tekin, who was detained in his home with ammunition in Athens.

Greece refuses to extradite DHKP-C leader to Turkey

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A Greek court on Thursday refused Turkey's demand to extradite Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) member pending Greece's response to his political asylum request.

The Thessaloniki Court of Appeals ruled not to extradite Tekin who had been detained in a home in Greece's capital, Athens with ammunition in February until his political asylum request has been decided. The court also ruled to continue his detention due to the captured guns and explosive materials found at his home.

Tekin is known as one of the key names of the DHKP-C, who was arrested last February under the fake Bulgarian identity Petrov Petar in an ammunition-laden safe house in Athens along with Murat Korkut, Bilgehan Karpat and Ismail Akkol, the assassination suspect of businessman Ozdemir Sabanci in 1996 in Istanbul. The four were arrested through a Greek court decision.

The Greek court had formerly decided not to extradite Mehmet Yayla along with Hasan Biber, both members of DHKP-C, who were captured in a speedboat carrying arms and explosives from Chios Island in Greece by Greek coast guards on July 30.

The court ruled to extradite 42-year-old female terrorist of the DHKP-C, who had a warrant for her arrest, and was captured in Thessaloniki. Another member Ahmet Duzgun Yuksel, was captured in Athens with a fake Bulgarian identity.

Meanwhile, Hasan Kosar, codenamed 'Cetin', who was detained due to the Triandria street explosion where one person died in Thessaloniki in 2011, was released on 2,000 Euro bail.

Kosar, who had been living in Greece for 23 years, was freed after he was detained with 14 people including DHKP-C member Havva Suicmez and Neczat Kalayci. He was subsequently detained again shortly afterwards regarding the investigation on the Triandria explosion. 

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