Hundreds indicted in connection to Gezi Park protests

255 people including seven foreigners have been indicted for Gezi Park protests.

Hundreds indicted in connection to Gezi Park protests

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Turkish public prosecutors charged 255 people including seven foreigners for their involvement in the Gezi Park protests in June. Those indicted faced charges including 'taking part in illegal demonstrations', 'causing interruptions in public services', 'damaging public property' and 'soiling a place of worship'.

According to a statement released by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday, 308 people were indicted while 36 investigations have still been continuing based upon the accusations of "being member of terrorist group", "attempt to prevent Turkish government from doing its duty" under Article 10 of the Anti-Terror Law.

Investigation continues for the unidentified people

Most of the indicted who faced one or several of those accusations, will be tried by the 55th Criminal Court of First Instance.

The Prosecutor's Office said accusations against 10 suspects were dropped due to lack of evidence.

The investigations will sustain for unidentified suspects for similar allegations in line with complaints by 249 people. The Prosecutor's Office assigned law enforcement units to identify those suspects.

Four people were killed and hundreds of others were injured during the demonstrations which started on May 30 against the redevelopment plan of Istanbul's Gezi Park and turned into nationwide protests.

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