Iran to remain standing another 30 years

Georgetown University professor said that sanctions from western powers would not make the regime collapsed

Iran to remain standing another 30 years

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Birol Baskan, an assistant professor in Georgetown University, has said that the regime in Iran would be able to remain standing for another 30 years despite getting economic sanctions from western countries.

"The regime in Iran is not remain distant to the people in the country. If you look at Iran very carefully, you will notice a strong regime from every angle. We should not mix the Iran regime up with the Saddam regime in Iraq or the Gaddafi regime in Libya which were disconnected with the people of their countries. However, the Iran regime integrated with its public. Iran has been remain standing for 30 years and would be able to stay standing for another 30 years despite the western countries that have been applying economic sanctions to Iran" Baskan told Anadolu Agency correspondent in an exclusive interview.

Baskan noted that there was a fight off among the leaders of Iran.

"Iran's religious leader Ali Hamaney and President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad see eye to eye when the issue comes to the enmity of U.S. and Israel. However, there is a disagreement between both leaders in terms of essential issues," said Baskan.

Baskan stated that the nuclear program was the warranty of the regime in Iran.

Expressing that sanctions from western powers would not make the regime collapsed, "I do not consider that Iran will stop reinforcing its nuclear program if U.S. and Israel continues their discourse like today, because the nuclear program is the guarantee of its regime. Western countries' armament is unable to stop Iran, and also American people do not demand another war after Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Iran will not be same as Iraq and Afghanistan. Taking such a military action against Iran will be an adventure for America" said Baskan.

Baskan also said that Israel's threats to Iran were illusive.

"Israel has been keep saying that they would strike Iran, but Israel's armament is not capable of dealing with Iran. Israel would have already attacked Iran if they were able to do so," said Baskan.

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