New photos of controversial Syria-bound truck aired

Newly revealed photographs show Turkish gendarmerie forces arresting Turkish intelligence officers during the raid last month.

New photos of controversial Syria-bound truck aired

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Photographs aired by the Turkish daily Akit on Tuesday showed Turkish gendarmerie forces arresting Turkish intelligence officers during a raid in Turkey's Adana last month. 

In the photographs, gendarmerie forces point guns at intelligence workers before removing them from the truck. 

Meanwhile, Gendarmerie Colonel Ozkan Cokay, who ordered the truck raid last month, was removed from his post today. 

The chief prosecutor’s office of Turkey’s south-eastern Adana province is investigating the police raid on delivery trucks belonging to the country’s National Intelligence Agency (MIT).

The raid, which was claimed to be ordered after a tip-off suggested that the trucks contained weapons that were going to be delivered to Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria, involved nearly 500 gendarmerie forces. 

After it was revealed that the trucks actually belonged to MIT, the Adana-based prosecutor who ordered the raid, Aziz Takci, was released from his position.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his anger at the prosecutor’s actions, claiming that the prosecutor had no right to order such a raid without first informing the Justice Minister.

The raid is believed to have been part of a wider operation that has been taking place across Turkey since the anti-graft arrests of two dozen government loyalists on December 17, in what Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called a post-modern coup attempt by a 'parallel state' ahead of the local elections in March.

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