Nobel laureate Pamuk criticizes West on Egyptian coup

Well-known Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, referring to Western countries' silence regarding the Egyptian coup, said that "supporting coups in accordance with interests" was a bad habit.

Nobel laureate Pamuk criticizes West on Egyptian coup

World Bulletin/News Desk

Well-known Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk criticized Western countries for their attitude towards the Egyptian coup.

Speaking to Italian "La Republica," Pamuk evaluated the military coup in Egypt and the West's attitude towards the incidents.

"Supporting the coups against democratically elected governments just because they do not serve the interests of the West is a bad habit," said Pamuk.

Stating that coups would not heal democracy, but would on the contrary worsen the situation, Pamuk cited the coups in Turkey and Chile.

"The European Union should have strictly rejected the (Egyptian) coup if it wishes a model country like its neighboring countries," said Pamuk.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Ağustos 2013, 15:20