Number of households in Turkey reaches 20 million

Turkstat released 2011 Population and Housing Census figures. Average family has less than four members, highests unemployment in Sirnak, lowest in Kastamonu.

Number of households in Turkey reaches 20 million

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Turkish Statistics Authority, Turkstat, on Thursday released Population and Housing Census figures for 2011.

The number of households in Turkey is 19,481,678 and the average household size is 3.8 according to the 2011 figures. Provinces with the highest average size of households are Sirnak (8), Hakkari (7.9) and Siirt (6.8), respectively whereas provinces with the lowest average size of households are Canakkale (2.9), Balikesir (3) and Eskisehir (3).

The proportion of people who migrated to a different province in Turkey is 3 percent and corresponds to 2,207,844 people. Reasons for migration are; migration related to a member of the household (41.5%), education (22.6%), to seek/find a job (12.2%), assignation/change of job (13.4%), marriage/divorce (7.5%) and health (1.1%), respectively.

Sirnak is on the top of the list in unemployment with 15.3 percent of unemployment rate followed by Diyarbakır with 13,8 percent and Hakkari with 13 percent in unemployment. Provinces having lowest unemployment rate are Kastamonu (3.5%), Canakkale (4.2%) and Nevsehir (4.3%).

Ardahan ranks first in the highest employment rate with 58.2 percent in Turkey. It is followed by Artvin with 54.7 percent and Bayburt with 54.5 percent in employment. Provinces having lowest employment rate are Kirikkale (34.8%), Diyarbakir (34.9%) and Batman (35.7%).

In terms of labor force participation rate Ardahan is the highest with 61.7 percent and Kirikkale lowest with 38.8 percent.

While the labor force participation rate is 69.2 percent for males, this rate is 25.9 percent for females.

The highest proportion of services sector is in Ankara with 73 percent and of those who are employed, 22.7 percent is employed in agriculture, 27.2 percent is employed in industry and 50.1 percent is employed in services sector.


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