OIC head urges Turkey for more cooperaiton

New Head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation prioritizes tackling violence in the Muslim world and poverty.

OIC head urges Turkey for more cooperaiton

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The new Head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad Madani, has said that he will prioritize tackling violence and poverty in the Muslim world, and has calling on Turkey to continue its contribution to the organization.

Madani addressed Turkish ambassadors on the third day of a week-long meeting of the 6th annual Turkish Ambassadors' Conference in Ankara on Wednesday.

"If the wrath between Shias and Sunnis continues within the Islamic community, we are the victims. There will be no winners," Madani said.

"We expect a great deal from Turkey," he said. "Turkey's contribution to the OIC has increased tremendously".

Referring to the violence against the Muslim minorities in Myanmar, which include the Rohingya Muslims who are considered by the UN to be one of the worlds' most persecuted minorities, he said: "Turkey has been a leading voice in bringing light to this issue and pushing it towards some sort of solution"

In 2012, there were more than 125,000 internally displaced people, including Rohingya Muslim, Arakanese and other Muslim minorities in the Arakan state, one of the most impoverished and densely populated areas of Myanmar and over 1,000 are reported to have been killed.

Madani also said the organization had started an effort to empower women across the member states he added: "This effort should be far reaching."

The OIC, a group of 57 member states, is the second largest organization in the world.

First held in 2008, the Ambassadors' Conference focuses on assessing Turkey's foreign policy and international relations, determining future strategies, and coordinating with agencies and organizations which play a role in the implementation of Turkish foreign policy.

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