Orthodox Bulgarians mark church festival

Bulgarian Vice President Popova visited Selimiye Mosque in Edirne following church festival celebrations

Orthodox Bulgarians mark church festival

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Vice President of Bulgaria Margarita Popova on Tuesday paid a visit to Selimiye Mosque in Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne where he came to mark church festival.      

Popova attended a mass conducted by priest Angel Velkof at the Bulgarian Orthodox Saints Constantine and Helena Church at the festival. Popova rang the toll which Velkof blessed with bay leaf.      

"Chorus of the elderly" from Bulgaria performed folk dances.     

"Both mosques and churches are God's houses. Everybody regardless of race wishes peace, happiness and health. There are a lot of mosques in Bulgaria. Every Muslim who comes to Bulgaria can pray in mosques freely. We have a paid visit to a mosque in Turkey and as you see there is no difference," said Popova.  

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Muhammed Öylek