Rabaa Platform to organize global protests for Egypt and Syria

Rabaa Platform is preparing to organize global demonstrations to mark 100th day of military coup in Egypt and chemical attack in Syria

Rabaa Platform to organize global protests for Egypt and Syria

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Hundreds of member groups of the Rabaa Platform from around the world are preparing to organize worldwide demonstrations to mark the 100th day of the military coup in Egypt and the chemical attack in Syria.

The Platform, which includes non-governmental organizations, youth organizations and student associations, has expressed its determination to mark the hundred days of the coup, and the massacre which Egyptian security forces committed to disperse thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators following the military coup.

Members of the platform in Turkey and across the world will write letters to world leaders and organize various events including photograph exhibitions, protests, and newspaper advertisements on October 11 to mark the hundredth day of the July 3 military coup. Egypt's first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the military on July 3 after mass protests against his presidency.

Following the military coup, pro-democracy protestors staged sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and Giza's Nahda Square before security forces dispersed the demonstrations on August 14, killing 638 people.

The platform will organize events on November 22 as well to mark the hundred days after massacre.

Furthermore, the platform is planning to mark the 100th day of the August 21 chemical attack in Syria on November 29. The Syrian regime conducted a chemical attack on a Damascus suburb in which more than 1,000 civilians lost their lives. NGOs, youth organizations, and student associations will stage a number of mass protests to commemorate the victims killed during the military intervention in Egypt and chemical attacks in Syria. The platform works intensively to organize events in numerous countries, from Malaysia to Morocco, and from Japan to the US.

Abdurrahman Dilipak, the platform's spokesperson, told an AA correspondent that NGOs worked hard to prepare various worldwide demonstrations in September and November.

“There was a military intervention in Egypt and we will mark the hundredth day on October 11. Egypt's first democratically elected president Morsi is still in jail, and thousands of people remain in prisons and no one is blamed for victims. We will remember those shameful developments with the world,” Dilipak said.

Referring to the numerous events which will be hosted to mark the 100th day of the chemical attack in Syria, he added, “The military coup and two massacres will be marked with effective demonstrations. For those days, there will be gatherings at halls, radio and television programs and newspaper interviews. 300 million copies of the Rabaa sign have been printed. This movement, with the members of the platform, is a candidate to become the biggest conscientious movement of the world,” Dilipak stated.

General Coordinator of the Rabaa Platform Cihangir Isbilir noted that the Muslim world owes fidelity to the victims in Egypt and Syria.

“If we forget what happened and do not develop counter-movements, we will experience similar incidents... Those events will function as an alarm against our forgetfulness. Those days will lead to awakening, association, and revitalization. The Rabaa Platform will support all events and will broadcast them in three languages,” Isbilir said.

The Rabaa symbol turned into a platform when the symbol became known worldwide after Egyptian security forces forcefully and brutally dispersed two sit-ins. The platform was founded on September 16 and announced their Turkish, Arabic, and English websites. The platform is supported by NGOs, foundations, associations in Turkey and around the world.

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