Rabia Platform: Syria photos 'shots of shame'

Rabia Platform's Speaker Dilipak said that the world faced up to the "shots of shame" in reference to the photos.

Rabia Platform: Syria photos 'shots of shame'

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The report and photos published by Anadolu Agency (AA) documenting the war crimes committed by the Syrian regime will remain as "evidence of shame engraved in people's memories," said Abdurrahman Dilipak, speaker of the Istanbul-based international human rights advocacy group, Rabia Platform.

Issuing a written statement early Tuesday, Dilipak remarked that "This day is a startover for Syria. These photos will remain engraved in the world's memory as evidence of shame. The shame shall be on those who keep silent in the face of these facts, those who even back the coups cowardly staged against nations, and those traitors abroad and among us, and Assad's collaborators and supporters."

Dilipak noted that the photos showing Assad regime's systematic torture cracked open the atrocity in Syria so as to make it blindingly obvious of what was occurring there.

He recalled that Iran will not attend the conference in light of UN's withdrawal of its invitation and he claimed that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot send a representative to the talks due to the recent revelations of war crimes.

"Iran and Hezbollah now have to reconsider their stance towards this atrocity. The plans to undermine Turkey through the Syrian civil war have gone unsold in the hands of the plotters," he added.

He also urged that the world must accept that any injustice against an individual is a threat against the whole community, adding that "Any person with human dignity and a conscience cannot keep silent in the face of this savagery."

"The world faces the shots of shame"

Dilipak said the world faced up to the "shots of shame" in reference to the photos received by AA, whereas the army officer of Assad's regime who took the photos listened to his conscience.

"This incident came like a bombshell on governments and all human conscience ahead of the Geneva II talks. Iran will not attend the conference. The regime in Syria is in a panic. Those criticizing Turkey's Syrian policy now have to reconsider it. This day is a startover for Syria," he concluded.

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