Russian warships pass Istanbul, US to send destroyer

Increased traffic of Russian and US warships in the Bosphorus are a sign of rising tensions between the two naval powers.

Russian warships pass Istanbul, US to send destroyer

World Bulletin / News Desk

US and Russian naval activity continues to increase in the Black Sea and Istanbul's Bosphorus passage after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in mid-March.

It was confirmed on Wednesday evening that the Russian Kaliningrad and Olenegorskiy Gorniak warships entered the Straits of Canakkale (Gallipoli) at 18:30 local time (16:30 GMT) on their way to the Black Sea from the Aegean.

The ships, which were assigned to the eastern Mediterranean due to the civil war in Syria, made their way through the Dardanelles and passed through the Marmara before entering the Bosphorus.

Comings and goings of US and Russian warships are becoming increasingly common as the two rival military powers continue to demonstrate their naval prowess in the region.

The Pentagon has revealed that it will be sending another destroyer vessel to join its Black Sea fleet as a symbolic gesture in reation to Moscow's occupation of Crimea.

According to a statement by the US Foreign Ministry, the deployment is aimed at protecting NATO allies in the area.

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