Sixty-six suspects in court after Istanbul 'wiretap' sweep

Dozens of detainees were released after a series of arrests aimed at dismantling the so called 'parallel state' group.

Sixty-six suspects in court after Istanbul 'wiretap' sweep

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Sixty six people detained as part of a wave of arrests in "parallel state" operations have been referred to court for arrest, Istanbul’s chief public prosecutor’s office has said.

A total of 26 other people - who were held in the Istanbul-based operation which began early Tuesday and saw detentions taking place in several Turkish cities - were released, the office said in a statement on Saturday.

The court action follows two high-profile, Istanbul-based anti-graft operations which were launched in December last year and led to the arrest of high-profile figures including the sons of the three government ministers as well as several entrepreneurs.

All those detained in the probe were later released pending trial.

The Turkish government has denounced the December probes as a "dirty plot" constructed by a "parallel structure" group of bureaucrats embedded within the country's key institutions, including the judiciary and police.

Most of those detained had held key positions during last year's "corruption" investigation, which is dubbed "coup attempt" by Erdogan, accusing U.S. based congregation leader Fethullah Gulen.

He accuses Gulen's Hizmet network of concocting the scandal by illegally wiretapping thousands of government phones and leaking manipulated recordings on social media.

His aides had made clear the fight against Hizmet would continue in the run-up to Turkey's first direct presidential election on Aug. 10, in which Erdogan is the front-runner.

Thousands of police officers and hundreds of judges and prosecutors have already been reassigned and senior officials in state institutions dismissed since the investigation, in what is seen as a government drive to purge Gulen's influence.

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