Snowfall blankets most of Turkey

Provinces in Eastern Anatolia have been blanketed by snow that has been falling intermittently for the past two days.

Snowfall blankets most of Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

Provinces in Eastern Anatolia have been blanketed by snow that has been falling intermittently for the past two days.

Snowfall and blizzards in the region have cut off access to 104 villages in Erzurum, 26 in Erzincan, 10 in Ardahan, four in Bingöl and Kars and three villages in Muş.

Teams dispatched by the Erzurum Special Provincial Administration Directorate have been trying to clear the roads. In the past 24 hours, roads that allow access to the provincial capital were cleared of snow to allow for the transportation of two women for emergency childbirths. Both mothers were safely taken to hospitals by ambulance.

The region also saw freezing temperatures on Sunday night. The temperature was minus 18 degrees Celsius in Kars, minus 16 in Erzurum, minus 14 in Ağrı, minus 11 in Ardahan, minus six in Erzincan and minus four in Iğdır. Meteorology officials said more snow is expected today and tomorrow.

Officials also noted that the Kağızman–Tuzluca Cumaçay, Akşar-Gaziler-Karaurgan, Gaziler-Karaurgan and Sarıkamış-Karaurgan exits and the İkizdere-İspir highway were closed to vehicular traffic due to heavy blizzards and snowfall.

In Sivas, the roads connecting 60 villages to nearby areas and the provincial capital were closed due to the snowfall. A statement from the Sivas Governor's Office said 87 village roads had initially been closed, but that this number fell to 60 yesterday after teams cleared the roads.

Also in Sivas, the Suşehri-Şerefiye-Zara access road and the Divriği-Arapgir highway's Mursal exit were closed to vehicular transportation. The governor's office stated that teams from the Special Provincial Administration Directorate were working to clear the roads. Snowfall that started early Monday morning continued in the provincial capital throughout the day.

Provinces in the eastern Black Sea region also suffered from heavy snowfall. A total of 251 roads connecting some villages in the region to provincial capitals were closed in the areas around Trabzon, Artvin, Rize, Bayburt and Gümüşhane.

Meanwhile, meteorology officials said they expect rainfall and heavy showers this week across the nation. Temperatures will rise between one and three degrees in the central regions, but will remain the same in other regions.

Meteorology officials also warned about icy roads in the early morning hours and late at night, and also called on farmers to take measures to prevent the possible freezing of crops. Also, avalanche warnings have been issued for the mountainous central regions of the eastern Black Sea region and Eastern Anatolia.

The temperature in İstanbul is expected to be 11 degrees in İstanbul today, with partly cloudy skies. The forecast for Ankara is 10 degrees with partly cloudy skies and showers in the afternoon. İzmir will also see intermittent showers and cloudy skies. The temperature there will be 15 degrees. The forecast for Adana is 17 degrees, also with showers in the afternoon. In Antalya 17 degrees are forecast with heavy rains in the afternoon. The forecast for Samsun is seven degrees, with cloudy skies and rain in the evening.


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