Sultanahmet minaret to be rebuilt

Istanbul's Sultanahmet Mosque will have one of its 400-year-old minarets rebuilt during restoration works as it has been discovered that it has shifted 5cm.

Sultanahmet minaret to be rebuilt

World Bulletin / News Desk

One of the six minarets of Istanbul’s world-famous Sultanahmet Mosque, or more commonly known as the Blue Mosque, has shifted 3-5cm from its original position, experts have found. Fearing that it may be on the verge of collapse, the 400-year-old minaret will now be demolished and rebuilt.

Ibrahim Ozekinci, the Foundations Regional Director, said “During the (restoration) preparations, experts saw that there were holes between the stones of one minaret, that there was corrosion, and that the minaret had shifted three to five centimeters. Thus, the stones will be dismantled. Each one will be numbered and then the minaret will be rebuilt. We also don’t know for how long the minaret has been in such condition.”

Although Ozekinci denied that it was an immediate threat, he said the minaret would take priority in restoration works.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Kasım 2013, 13:36