Terrorized Yazidi refugees arrive in Turkey

At least 80 Yazidi crossed the border on Friday after their homes were attacked by ISIL fighters.

Terrorized Yazidi refugees arrive in Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

At least 80 Yazidi refugees from Iraq have arrived in Turkey’s south-eastern province of Mardin and told of the horror they left behind in their villages.

Reports from The Anadolu Agency correspondent in the area said the refugees crossed the Habur border post on Friday, fleeing attacks from ISIL fighters.

Maryam Ubeyd, 20, said: "ISIL killed many people in our village. Women and young girls were kidnapped by the militants. Our brothers and sisters and other relatives are still there. I'm worried about their lives.”

Turkish Yazidi Kamal Haraqi added: “They are being massacred in their homeland and hundreds of their villages were burned, ransacked. Their women have been kidnapped. This is a total atrocity.”

Many of the Yazidi religious minority’s members are angry at Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who they believe did not do enough to oppose ISIL.

The Yazidis are the latest minority group to flee in the face of ISIL advances. The ISIL rebels regard their ancient beliefs as ‘devil worship.’

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