Top court's decision void for Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce FC Deputy Chairman Ilhan Eksioglu says they would not repsect the ruling of the supreme court upholding the prison sentence of club boss over match-fixing scandal.

Top court's decision void for Fenerbahce

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Fenerbahce FC deputy chairman Ilhan Eksioglu said Saturday that they would not respect the ruling of a supreme court upholding a six-year prison term given to the Istanbul side's chairman for a match-fixing scandal back.

Turkey’s highest court in criminal justice on Friday upheld the jail term handed to Fenerbahce's Chairman Aziz Yildirim for forming an illegal organization and involvement in a 2010-11 match-fixing scandal in Turkey's first division. The court also fined the Club of paying $720,000 and banned Yildirim from attending football games or managing clubs.

Eksioglu speaking on the club's official TV channel FBTV accused the prosecutors conducting the case and said that the high court's ruling was void for them.

Referring to Istanbul's top ranking prosecutors including Zekeriya Oz who were reshuffled last week Eksioglu said, "The legitimacy of the authorities conducting the inquiry on match-fixing is at stake at the moment. The prosecutors conducting it are either reshuffled or disqualified or are subjected to inquiries; thus we don't recognize the ruling."

Eksioglu also defended that like the other controversial cases such as Ergenekon and Sledgehammer (Balyoz) coup plot trials, the match-fixing case should also be handled again.

The probe on the match-fixing scandal, coup trials of Ergenekon and Sledgehammer were conducted by the same prosecutors who have recently been reshuffled and revoked of their special powers for their alleged bias in the investigations they conducted in an anti-graft operation that began on December 17 with the arrests of senior public figures including the sons of three cabinet ministers.

Thousands of police senior officers and dozens of prosecutors have been assigned to different posts after the launching of anti-graft probe which Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan termed as "a dirty plot" to undermine the Turkish government and stability in the country.

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