TRT English to launch test broadcast in 2014

Turkish Radio and Television Association (TRT) will launch its English channel by end of 2014

TRT English to launch test broadcast in 2014

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The state-run Turkish Radio and Television Association (TRT) Deputy Director Ibrahim Eren said TRT English channel will launch its test broadcast in 2014, adding, "this channel will broadcast news of Turkey and international news concerning Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, Russia and Eurasia with our own perspective unlike Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN."

Eren told AA that many international news networks in the world are US and Europe based with Al Jazeera being based in the Middle East. However Turkey is unique being strategically part of Europe and Middle East, and has political and cultural similarites with both.

Eren explained that the channel aims to give a comprehensive Turkish viewpoint on the world's leading issues and not merely facilitate Turkey in the promotion of tourism.

The deputy director said TRT with its many representatives across the world similar to AA and the Turkish Directorate General of Press and Information will allow for cooperation between TRT officials and AA's representatives abroad.

Eren elaborated that they would enrich TRT English's broadcast network with news packages and qualified correspondents including native speakers of English. TRT are in receipt of proposals for consultancy services from international companies such as Al Jazeera and the BBC and proposals from others which are under consideration.

Underlining that the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera are prominent news networks in the world and that their news streams are similar, Eren said, "TRT will have a similar news stream as well, but will be different in terms of content with the news from North Africa, the Middle East, East Europe and Asia, Europe and America."

"Our target is to launch a channel which will relate to Turkey's political and economic situation," he added.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 Ocak 2014, 17:38