Turkey explores e-visa option for Libyans

Having cancelled visa-free entry for Libyan nationals, Turkey now looks to introduce electronic visas

Turkey explores e-visa option for Libyans

World Bulletin / News Desk

 Turkey is looking to introduce e-visas for Libyan nationals after withdrawing visa-free travel earlier this week, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday evening.

The cancellation of a 2009 agreement that made Turkey one of the few countries Libyans could travel to without a visa was explained on grounds of security and the political instability within Libya.

Cavusoglu, who from Saturday is no longer foreign minister after a new interim Cabinet was announced, told Anadolu Agency that Turkey was “now working on e-visas for Libyans with some preconditions”.

He said: “We never want the Libyan people to suffer. They are our brothers but we had to take this measure.”

After Sept. 24, Libyans will have to apply for visas at the Turkish consulate in Misrata or at missions outside Libya.

“We hope a government of national unity will be formed and Libya’s border unity will be re-established,”Cavusoglu said. “Then we can abolish visa requirements.”

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