Turkey in eastern Mediterranean military exercise

The Invitex Eastern Mediterranean military exercise 2013 will start on 4 November.

Turkey in eastern Mediterranean military exercise

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Turkey will host Invitex-Eastern Mediterranean military exercise 2013 for ten days in between November 4-14, which will be joined by NATO, US Navy and Turkish Navy-Airforce-Coast Guard platforms.

Aim of the exercise is to give opportunity to participant units in various types of naval operations under a scenario oversees handling a regional crisis, enhance co-operation and mutual training between participant countries, according to the statement released by Turkish Naval Forces.

The participant units are: NATO SNMG-2 (3 Frigates), US Navy (1 Frigate), Turkish Navy (3 Frigates, 2 Corvettes, 4 Fast Attack Boats, 3 Submarines, 2 Oilers, 2 Patrol Boats, 1 Landing Ship, 1 Tug Boat, 1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, 5 Helicopters, 1 Amfibious Team, 1 Naval WMD Destroy Team, Multi National Maritime Security Center of Exellence), Turkish Coast Guard (3 Coast Guard Boats) and Turkish Airforce aircrafts.

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