Turkey PM Erdogan invited to DAVOS conference

The World Economic Forum has invited Turkish PM Erdogan to the upcoming DAVOS meeting, 4 years after he promised to never attend the annual conference again.

Turkey PM Erdogan invited to DAVOS conference

World Bulletin / News Desk

World Economic Forum head Nicholas Davis has confirmed that he has invited Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to participate in this year’s conference in Switzerland’s Davos on January 22-25.

The last time Erdogan attended the Davos Conference was in 2009 when he delivered his famous ‘One Minute’ speech to Israeli President Shimon Peres. After complaining Peres had been given a disproportionately long time to speak, Erdogan stormed off the stage saying that he would never attend the Davos meeting again.

Erdogan was displeased with Israeli President Peres, who had raised his voice at him when complaining about perceived human rights abuses in Turkey and then tried to cut him off in the middle of his reply. Erdogan told Peres ‘you know very well about killing’, referring to Israeli assaults on the Gaza Strip.

The incident led to a crisis in the relationship between Turkey and Israel, which peaked the following year when Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish activists in international waters when the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla attempted to break the naval blockade on Gaza.

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