Turkey replaces controversial prosecutor Akkas in top cases

Muammer Akkas has been removed as the prosecutor in the Ergenekon and Hrant Dink cases.

Turkey replaces controversial prosecutor Akkas in top cases

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Turkey has appointed a new prosecutor to handle the Ergenekon and Hrant Dink cases.

Prosecutor Murat Inan has been appointed in replacement of Muammer Akkas, who has been caught up in a 'parallel state' scandel in the country since police raids targeted government loyalists on December 17.

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan exposed the Ergenekon underground network of retired and serving military generals who were accused of plotting to stir tensions in the country in order to conduct a military coup after Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was shot dead in 2007.

Muammer Akkas, who is well-known for taking charge of the cases, became embroiled in the 'parallel state' scandel when he attempted to order the police to conduct a second wave of operations against government associates on December 25, 2013.

Erdogan has since insisted that the operations were part of a conspiracy to carry out a 'post-modern coup' by sabotaging the people's 'national will' ahead of Turkey's local elections in March, pointing the finger directly at the followers of congregation leader and former ally Fethullah Gulen, who had infiltrated the police force and judiciary.

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