Turkey switches to daylight saving time March 31

Turkey to switch to daylight saving time on March 31 at 3 a.m., moving clocks forward 1 hour to make more use of daylight.

Turkey switches to daylight saving time March 31

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People in Turkey will set their clocks forward one hour to start Daylight Saving Time on March 31 at 3 a.m. according to a declaration Sunday in Turkey's Official Gazette -- continuing a practice first begun in Europe to save energy during World War I.

The time change will be observed from March 31 to Oct. 26, when the clocks will go back one hour.

Turkey adopted Daylight Saving Time to keep its clocks in sync with those of European countries and to decrease the demand for electricity in the early evening hours.

According to Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, implementing the time change decreases the usage of electricity in state buildings by the same amount of energy -- in terms of lighting, heating and cooling -- as the output of a medium-sized power plant.

Turkey is in the Eastern European Time zone, which also includes Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Eastern European Time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.   

Daylight savings time was first used in countries such as Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom during World War I to conserve coal.

Many countries abandoned Daylight Saving Time after the war, but over the years it re-emerged in Europe. By the early 1980s, many European Union countries -- and Turkey, as well -- were using daylight saving time but had different practices, thus impeding transport schedules and communications in the continent.

The EU standardized an EU-wide Daylight Saving Time in 1996 for consistency.

The time difference between the east and west of Turkey, in terms of sunrise and sunset, is 1 hour and 16 minutes.

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