Turkey's biggest water tunnel completed

Construction of the world's fifth largest water tunnel has been completed as a part of a regional development project in the Surac district of Turkey's Sanliurfa province

Turkey's biggest water tunnel completed

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Turkey's largest and the world's fifth biggest water tunnel has been inaugurated by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the south-eastern city of Sanliurfa in the Suruc district.

The water tunnel has been built as part of the regional development project, Southeastern Anatolia Project, which aims to boost the economy and agriculture in an impoverished part of Turkey. 

The tunnel will carry 90 cubic meters of water per second over 17km to irrigate almost a million hectares of farmland. 

The Turkish premier Erdogan said that with the new developments almost 200,000 people would be employed in the region and it would contribute an estimated amount of more than US$140 million to the regional economy. 

Erdogan added that once the water pump stations for the tunnel are completed at the end of this year, the total cost of the project would exceed US$900 million.

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