Turkish activist died in Afghan crash commemorated/ PHOTO

Bahattin Yildiz, who died in plane crash while on a trip for buying land to build an orphanage remembered in Istanbul

Turkish activist died in Afghan crash commemorated/ PHOTO

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A special night organized on Friday for two Turkish activists who died in an Afghan plane crash last May.

The passenger plane belonging to Pamir Airlines crashed on the 17th of May, 2010, in a remote mountain site called Salang Pass, north of the capital Kabul.

Bahattin Yildiz and Faruk Aktas were on a trip to Kunduz for buying land to build an orphanage on behalf of Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) as the plane they were in crashed.


Family, friends and hundreds of people attended the memorial program, which is organized by the Humanity and Civilization Movement in Golden Horn Congress Center, Istanbul.

The program began with a Quran Recitation. Read the Qur'an, and then a cinevision were shown that is prepared in memory of Bahattin Yildiz. Yildiz' nephew Bilal Kara read a poem that he wrote for the activist.


Bahattin Yildiz's mother Harice Yildiz then took the stage to welcome guests saying 'He is gone, but you are all Bahattin for me."

Chairman of Human and Civilization Movement Ikram Soltan gave a speech describing Bahattin Yildiz.

Bahattin Yıldız dedicated his life to young people and the Islamic cause, said Soltan, 'He lived up to what he believes until last breath.'


Program continued with the speeches of his friends from Erzurum, Izmir, Bursa and Istanbul. After the speeches, poet Ahmet Mercan read his poem for Bahattin Yildiz.

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