Turkish charity sends 229 trucks of aid to Syria

IHH has delivered 229 trucks carrying relief supplies to Syria under a campaign called 'I Need You'.

Turkish charity sends 229 trucks of aid to Syria

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Turkish charity Humanitarian Relief Foundation – better known as IHH –sent 229 trucks carrying relief supplies from Turkey to Syria under a campaign called 'I Need You'. 

78 aid trucks moved from Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district to Syrian districts on Sunday. The charity has sent more than two thousand aid trucks to Syria, including blankets, jackets and heaters. 

The Syrian civil war, which will reach its third-year mark in March, has resulted in the deaths of over 130,000 people and displaced millions of Syrians from their homes.

The United Nations Refugee Agency announced that one million Syrian children were registered as refugees in neighboring countries, raising fears of a 'lost generation' in Syria.


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Yunus - 7 yıl Before

Mash-Allah to Turkey and may Allah give more to Turkey, Turkish people and everyone who has helped in doing so and all the drivers who will be driving to Syria, and it's government, as for me I understand this help from the bottom of my heart since I am a member of Rotary Club International I just wish I was there to help to. We will pray Dua for all of you specially me Bismillahi rehmanirahim.Yunus Abi