Turkish Internet law amendment approved at committee

According to the amendment the transport and telecommunications ministry has the authority to block content and a union of access providers and a cyber Security board is to be established

Turkish Internet law amendment approved at committee

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After over two weeks of debate, the Budget and Planning Committee of the Turkish parliament on Wednesday approved government proposed amendments to the internet law which seeks to increase protection of individuals privacy rights.

The bill which is part of a raft of other bills is expected to be formally approved by the Turkish parliament within the next few weeks.

The changes will mean that the transportation and telecommunications ministry (TİB) will be able to issue a court order to block an internet provider if the court has not already done it within 24 hours of a request being made.

Individuals will also be able to apply to the court personally and the judge will be able to order the blockage of the content directly even before the court has issued an investigation.

Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication as well as the head of the Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) - will be able to order the hosting service provider to block content if the court fails to give an order in 24 hours. 

Besides the blockage on the contents such as sexual harrasment of children, pornographic contents and prostitution, that of the contents violating the personal rights and private life of individuals will also be subjected to the court order. 

The amendment requires the establishment of an Acess Provider Union to maintain coordination among providers; and the establishment of a Cyber Security Board to deal with the measures for public and private institutions and individuals to be protected against cyber crimes.  

The bill will go to the general assembly of the parliament and then sent to be approved by President.

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