'Turkish military foils terror corridor plan of PKK in Syria'

'PKK/PYD attempted to form a terror corridor in northern Syria, however its plan was foiled by Euphrates Shield operation,' Mohammed al-Fatih Brigades Commander says

'Turkish military foils terror corridor plan of PKK in Syria'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish military has foiled the plan of the Kurdistan Workers' Party affiliated Democratic Union Party (PKK/PYD) extremists which attempted to form a "extreme corridor" in northern Syria, by launching the Euphrates Shield operation, aiming at clearing the extremists from the northern part of the country.

The Mohammed al-Fatih Brigades Commander Colonel Zubair Islambuli, speaking to Turkish Yeni Şafak daily newspaper, said that the United States- supported PKK/PYD has been attempting to reach Afrin by taking control of Jarabulus and the Manbij-Gandura- Tell Rifaat line. “However both plans of the PKK were foiled by the Turkish military," he said.

"Tell Abyad, Manbij, Tell Rifaat, Ain Issa and Rasul Ain are under the occupation of PKK/PYD. However, the opposition supported by Turkey will never let the extremists keep control of these districts. Turkey has an 80 percent role, while 20 percent of the role is the Free Syrian Army's," Colonel Islambuli said.

"Turkey's role in the Euphrates Operation is very uplifting, as we will never give up fighting against the PKK/PYD," said the commander, adding that in the first 10 days of the operation, more than 700 refugees joined the FSA to fight against the extremists.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Eylül 2016, 13:08