Turkish NGOs react to Bin Laden son-in-law's deportation

Reactions to the delivery of bin Laden's son-in-law, accused of being among the directors of al-Qaeda, to the United States indirectly by Turkey are increasing.

Turkish NGOs react to Bin Laden son-in-law's deportation

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As the indirect delivery of Suleiman Abu Gaith, son-in-law of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, to the United States after his arrest in Turkey and his deportation to Jordan raises questions in minds, non-governmental organizations in turkey are reacting to the incident.

Ozgur-Der President Ridvan Kaya and Imkan-Der President Murat Ozer have voiced their reactions to the deportation of Suleiman Abu Ghaith.

Imkan-Der President Murat Ozer claimed that the deportation of Suleiman Abu Gaith from Turkey and his capture in Jordan had been planned prior the arrest, and was not an arrest that subsequently developed.

Ozer said, "We had been following the process with our lawyers. Although he was supposed to be detained at a facility at the Foreign National Department, he was unlawfully kept in a facility for anti-terrorism. Due to this reason, out lawyers were unable to meet with him. They did not even allow us to receive the legal mandate. Then he was brought before court. Since it was determined he had not been involved in any crimes in Turkey, the court dropped the charges against him.”

Upset by the lack of reaction, Ozer stated "Non-governmental organizations reacted. In fact they even prepared a joint press release. Unfortunately the feelings of the people have become blunted. The psychology of fear since the February 28 (1997) coup period in Turkey has not worn off of the people. Unfortunately there is an indifferent attitude.”


In his statement about Suleiman Abu Ghaith’s deportation from Turkey, Ozgur-Der President Ridvan Kaya said, “It is sad to observe that Turkey has become a country which systematically victimizes those people, whether they be ctiziens of Turkey or other counties, accused of being linked with al-Qaeda who seek refuge in Turkey for various reasons.”

A Turkish court had issued a deportation order because Suleiman Abu Ghaith used a forged passport to enter Turkey from Iran. He was held at an undisclosed location allegedly due to security concerns. Under normal circumstances, foreigners in such a situation are held at a detention facility at the police department's Foreign National Department.

Abu Ghaith is stateless as Kuwait has stripped him of his citizenship. Sources said AbuGhaith was extradited from Kuwait on March 1, the day when US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Turkey for recent talks.

Abu Ghaith was kidnapped by the United States in an operation led by Jordanian authorities and the FBI, the sources said.

U.S. prosecutors unsealed an indictment against Abu Gaith on March 7 that charged him with conspiracy to kill Americans.


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