Turkish Nobel Prize winner's donation

Dr. Aziz Sancar already decided what purpose his Nobel Prize award money will serve

Turkish Nobel Prize winner's donation

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This year's Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Aziz Sancar is preparing to donate the 8 million Swedish Krona ($1.1 million) award money to Turkish Center in the U.S.

Noteworthy, it is not the first time Sancar makes such a donation. Back in 2007, future Nobel Prize winner and his spouse donated $800,000 for opening a dormitory for Turkish students under the name the Turkish Center. The dorm only houses Masters and PhD students from Sancar's home country. Sancar's spouse, Gwen Sancar, was so supportive of this project that she donated the inheritance her mother left. 

Since Sancars' do not have any children they are considering to leave all their assets to the Turkish Center, they have donate to so many times.

Moreover, the marrieds founded the "Aziz and Gwen Sancar Foundation", which is a non-profit organization to promote Turkish culture and to support Turkish students in the United States


Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Ekim 2015, 10:07