Turkish PM accuses opposition over 'fake' recodings

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said recent turmoil in Turkey targets upcoming local elections on March 30.

Turkish PM accuses opposition over 'fake' recodings

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Turkish PM Erdogan said on Thursday that the recent wiretapping scandal, the recently released fabricated voice records and the anti-graft operations in Turkey target the upcoming March 30 local elections.

Speaking at a meeting held in the southern Turkish province of Burdur, "March 30 local elections will be a choice between the stable, developing new Turkey and the poor, unstable, chaotic, old Turkey," said Erdogan.

"A new Turkey refers to stability, strength, unity and development while old Turkey is marked with coalition governments, instability, chaos, and poverty," added Erdogan.

Erdogan also accused Hizmet Movement leader, Fethullah Gulen, and the opposition party Republican People Party (CHP) of fabricating voice records, allegedly belonging to him, that were released on the internet recently.

The Prime Minister stated that the attitude of the current opposition in Turkey is similar to that before the May 27, 1960 military coup.

He declared that the opposition party was collaborating with Gulen's movement, which he refers to as a 'parallel state', which has been working to topple his democratically elected Justice and Development (AK) Party government.  

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Attila Magyar
Attila Magyar - 7 yıl Before

In the USA the deep state attacks the strong point of their target. For example Kerry, a decorated war hero, was attacked as a Swift boat fraud. The strength of Erdogan is strong ethics, his ethics is under attack; the deep state of Turkey are using the USA model tactics. Free speech trumps lying.