Tuesday’s dailies cover the humanity crisis at the Turkish-Syrian border where Syrians are fleeing from clashes between ISIL and forces of pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party. Also the removal of the headscarf ban for high school students with comments from Bulent Arinc.


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Most Turkish newspapers on Tuesday cover the humanity crisis at the Turkish Syrian border where Syrians are fleeing from the clashes between ISIL, the militant group operating in Syria and Iraq, and forces of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party.

HURRİYET runs the headline, “pain without border,” referring to the humanitarian crisis at the Syrian border. The newspaper claims that around 200,000 people crossed the border in the last four days and only 130,000 Syrians were able to register with the Turkish authorities.

The newspaper reports that there is a transit of people in both directions, those fleeing from the conflict and those who are heading to Syria to fight in the conflict at the border.

Syrians have arrived in the Turkish province of Sanliurfa in massive numbers after ISIL’s recent attacks and the siege of Kobani. Sanliurfa hosts nearly 200,000 internally displaced people mainly from Syria’s Kurdish minority while ISIL continues to clash with forces of pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Tell Abyad and Kobani.

The front page of today’s VATAN reads: “Two sides of the border,” referring to people who are trying to escape from the conflict and those who want to join the fight.

The newspaper claims that young people went to the border after a call from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party’s to fight against ISIL. On the other hand, Syrian Kurds are also seeking shelter in Turkey to escape from ISIL attacks.

The newspaper also published a photograph of Aysel Tugluk, the lawmaker from the Peoples' Democratic Party, reporting that she was part of a group who stoned Turkish soldiers.

HABERTURK quotes Turkey Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus as saying “The important thing is stability in the region.” The newspaper quotes him saying that Turkey is ready for any migration wave in the future.

MILLIYET headlines “Bagcilar-Kobani line,” referring to Syrians who came to Istanbul by bus from the Syrian border town of Ayn al-Arab, known as Kobani in Kurdish.

The newspaper interviews the Mjahans - an eight-member family, who according to newspaper, are living in one-room house in Istanbul’s working class district of Bagcilar.

Turkish newspapers also cover Turkey’s Deputy PM Bulent Arinc’s announcement of the removal of the headscarf ban for high school students.

“Headscarf is free at high schools,” headlines MILLIYET. The newspaper reports that a rule in the dress code stating that students have to be bareheaded while attending high schools had now been abolished.

HABERTURK quotes Arinc saying students now can continue their education with their headscarves, adding that the related regulation will be issued within the next two days.

Turkey’s ruling AK Party government also previously removed a similar ban on headscarves in universities in early 2011 and in state institutions and the parliament in late 2013.

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