Americans waste more than $100 billion for drugs

In a research carried out in the U.S. reveals alarming findings about spending on illicit drugs -over $100 billion

Americans waste more than $100 billion for drugs

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In the research carried out by the RAND research corporation in January 2012 in the U.S. has revealed some alarming findings about illegal drugs. The research report shows Americans waste more than $100 billion annually on drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine.

The research aimed at the estimation of the number of users, expenditures, and consumption, using statistics from 2000 to 2010 for illicit drugs, shows how big the U.S. illegal drugs market is. Findings comes from an American research center, RAND, which U.S. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has it done the research in order to generate national estimates of market sizes for illegal drugs.

The results show that drug users in the United States spend $100 billion annually on different type of illicit drugs. According to the researchers “this figure has been stable over the decade, but there have been important shifts in the drugs being purchased.”

The report also shows that there are big changes in drug use and spendings, adding the heaviest users are mainly responsible for spendings on each type of drug.

But, according to the comments by the research center, estimates of market size are far from precise because there is great uncertainty surrounding estimates of the size of illegal drug markets. In many cases, the extent of the uncertainty cannot be bounded or quantified.” 

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Muhammed Öylek