China to steer towards green energy

China is aiming to make energy production and consumption more ecological to fight smog, siad the Chinese Premier.

China to steer towards green energy

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China is seeking to restructure its energy network by opting for greener energy alternatives in a bid to curb widespread air and environmental pollution, the country's Premier Li Keqiang has said.

Li's comments came as China continues to experience ever-worsening smog in its major cities and mounting anxiety over public health, which has made tackling environmental degradation impossible to ignore.

"China will wage a war against smog and step up ecological protection measures," said Li according to a statement released on Sunday.

Following a meeting of the country's National Energy Commission, Li said China would try to promote the development of electric cars and upgrade coal-fired power plants that cannot meet emission requirements.

New nuclear power plants equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures would also be constructed at a suitable time on China's eastern coast, said Li, adding that other projects would include hydropower, wind and solar power plants.

Shale gas targeted

China, one of the world's largest energy consumers which relies heavily on energy imports, had slowed down efforts towards building new nuclear power plants following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

The country currently has 17 nuclear power plants and another 31 are in various stages of construction, and aimed to have 60 in total.

"These energy projects can ensure stable economic growth and increase China's capability to safeguard energy security," said Li, adding: "They will also improve the country's energy structure."

China spent US$56 billion on renewable energy last year, becoming the world's biggest investor in the market.

The country is also seeking to export advanced energy technologies and equipment for overseas markets, as well as diversify its energy sources.

The state-owned oil company, Sinopec Corp, recently announced it had discovered shale gas deposits in southwest China with an estimated maximum daily output of 105,000 cubic meters.

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