First uterus transplants attempted in US

3 of 4 transplants from living donors removed; scientists hope remaining transplant successful

First uterus transplants attempted in US

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Four women have undergone the first uterus transplants from living donors ever attempted in the U.S., doctors at Baylor University Medical Center in Texas said Wednesday.

The transplants were completed Sept. 14 – 22 and a team of doctors from Sweden helped oversee the surgeries.

The Swedes were tapped because Baylor believed they are the world’s foremost experts on the procedure and the only team to have attempted the procedure.

A Swedish woman in 2014 became the first in the world to give birth via a donated uterus.

The team at Baylor prepared for the procedures for two years and poured over the Swedish team’s work, which included 16 uterine transplants.

The organs were removed from three patients after tests found the procedure might not be succeed, however, one transplant appeared that it might be successful.

“In three patients, we determined after several tests the transplanted organs were not receiving viable blood flow and the uteri were removed,” Baylor said in a statement. “Those patients are now doing well and will soon be back to normal activity.”

Researchers hope the remaining uterus recipient might be the first in the U.S. to give birth.

“There are also no signs of rejection or infection at this time,” the Baylor team said. “We are cautiously optimistic that she could ultimately become the first uterine transplant recipient in the U.S. to make it to the milestone of uterine functionality.”

Infertility due to an issue with the uterus is considered relatively uncommon. A 2008 review in the U.K. found approximately 6.7 percent of women worldwide have a uterine malformation, which often, but not always, causes infertility.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates more than 12 percent of American women are unable to become pregnant or carry a baby to term. 


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