Genetic research to prevent heart disease

Doctors hope to discover why heart attack-resistant persons do not develop illnesses.

Genetic research to prevent heart disease

Genetic specialists at Bilkent University in Ankara are studying the genetic codes of mice in which they have induced cardiac disease as part of a European Union (EU) funded project seeking to discover a solution to cardiovascular problems, a leading cause of death globally. 

Geneticists working on the project with a record budget of 1.5 million euros have succeeded in playing with mice genetic molecules so that their vascular systems do not perceive the fats which increase with cholesterol and obesity.

Dr. Ebru Erbay from Bilkent University's Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics told Anadolu Agency correspondent that the study aims to prevent the negative results of the stress which cholesterol produces in cardiovascular cells, contributing to their death and inflammation. She explained that some people are not affected by disease despite having high cholesterol levels while cholesterol and obesity pose a risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

 The project was inspired by the genetic mechanisms of patients who are heart attack-resistant who don't develop illnesses despite having high cholesterol levelsand obesity. Dr Erbay stressed their objective of reversing the  the thickening and hardening of arterial walls in the arteries and preventing heart attacks.

According to the Turkish Cardiology Society, heart and vascular disease account for 40 percent of deaths in Turkey. The global average is around 30%.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 16 Ocak 2014, 15:42