Influenza pandemic kills 34 in US

The influenza pandemic hits hard in Texas with a rising death toll of 34.

Influenza pandemic kills 34 in US

World Bulletin / News Desk

The death toll caused by the pandemic that is prevalent in the northern regions of Texas has risen to 34 since the end of 2013. The state's worried residents made long queues to be vaccinated in front of health clinics.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn people that the pandemic has become widespread across Texas and in many US states.

Demand boomed for the flu vaccines in the aftermath of the increasing number of deaths due to the pandemic, said local tv channels in Dallas, adding nearly one thousand people made a queue in order to be vaccinated in Plano city of Texas.

The highest death toll is 26 in northern Texas, officials report.

Health specialists state people can also protect themselves from spreading the disease by reducing their stress levels, adequately resting and exercising, regularly washing their hands, ensuring they keep a healthy diet and by taking adequate Vitamin D supplements in addition to flu vaccines.

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