Key US lawmakers to support Obamacare replacement

House Freedom Caucus says will back President Donald Trump's healthcare plans

Key US lawmakers to support Obamacare replacement

World Bulletin / News Desk

A group of conservative lawmakers on Wednesday announced their support for President Donald Trump’s revised plan to replace his predecessor's landmark healthcare scheme.

Around 30 members of the House Freedom Caucus said they would support the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, after an amendment was added.

The change would allow states to scrap what the caucus described as the “cost driving aspects” of Obamacare.

“While the revised version still does not fully repeal Obamacare, we are prepared to support it to keep our promise to the American people to lower health care costs,” the caucus said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with our Senate colleagues to improve the bill. Our work will continue until we fully repeal Obamacare.”

The group, which consists of conservative and libertarian Republicans in the House of Representatives, was pivotal to scuttling the first Republican attempt to push through Trump’s Obamacare replacement.

The amendment would let states seek waivers from provisions that would restrict health insurance costs and establish minimum standards.

Republicans will need 216 votes to pass the American Health Care Act through the House. It is unclear if the party leadership will be able to convince moderates to lend their support.

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