London drug gangs using children for deliveries

Children as young as 11-years-old are being exposed to the risky business of delivering drugs for gangs in and around the UK capital.

London drug gangs using children for deliveries

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Senior police officers in the UK’s south-east and capital city London have claimed that children as young as 11-years-old are being used by drug gangs to transport drugs around the region.

Kevin Moore, intelligence manager for the south-east regional organized crime unit, told The Guardian that although this has been taking place across the country, drug gangs in the capital have particularly been using children to deliver drugs to customers in the surrounding region.

"There have been incidents were young people were found with large-ish quantities of crack, cocaine and other class A drugs," he said.

Young girls who are used by the gangs to deliver drugs and weapons are also being exposed to sexual abuse and assaults, one police officer claimed.

The report also said that young drug deliverers, called ‘runners’, are more susceptible to getting robbed of their drugs, with one police officer noting the golden rule in the business – ‘if you lose it, you owe it.’

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