Obesity more cancerous than smoking

Obesity is expected to overcome smoking as one of the major causes of cancer in women by 2043

Obesity more cancerous than smoking

The prediction was made by a cancer research center in the UK where 12 percent of cases of cancer in women are related to smoking and 7 percent overweight or obesity.

But with the number of falling smokers and the growing obesity rate, researchers estimate that the gap between these two causes will disappear within 25 years. And the figure has been calculated on the belief that the current trend will continue.

According to the study, up to 2035, 10 percent of women's cases in women will be linked to smoking and 9 percent with excessive weight, and in 2043, if the trend continues, obesity and obesity will be associated with more cancer cases in women compared to tobacco.

Although obesity is common among males, it is thought to be the most likely cause of cancer in females. However, according to experts, war should continue on both fronts, both against smoking and obesity.

Source: www.worldbulletin.net

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