Soda drinks kill more in low income countries

A new study has determined that soda drinks are responsible for more than 184,000 deaths with nearly 80% occurring in low to middle income countries

Soda drinks kill more in low income countries

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According to a new study, sugary drinks are killing around 184,000 people each year.

The research, published in the American Heart Association's Circulation journal, referred to sugar-laden drinks ranging from sodas to sweetened iced tea, fruit drinks, and sports/energy drinks.

"Many countries in the world have a significant number of deaths occurring from a single dietary factor, sugar-sweetened beverages,”said study author Dariush Mozaffarian from Tufts University in Boston.

According to the research, most of the 184,000 global deaths are from people who die of diabetes due to the consumption of“sugar-sweetened beverages” (SSBs).

Another 45,000 die globally from cardiovascular diseases that are directly related to sugary drink consumption, and 6,450 people die from cancers linked to sugar-laden beverages.

Those numbers prompted Mozaffarian to advise soda lovers to “substantially reduce or eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from [their] diet.”

“There are no health benefits from sugar-sweetened beverages, and the potential impact of reducing consumption is saving tens of thousands of deaths each year,” he added.

In terms of global references, Mexico had the highest death rate due to sugary drinks, with 450 deaths per million adults. It was followed by the US, with 125 estimated deaths per million adults.

Seventy-six percent of deaths related to sugary drinks occur in low-to-middle income countries, according to the report.


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