Turkey to fine animal rights abusers

Turkey's Ministry of Forestry and Water Works has set penalty fines for animal cruelty offences.

Turkey to fine animal rights abusers
Owners who cut off dogs' tails will pay 1,825 Turkish liras (US$800) as part of a new set of administrative rules imposed by the Turkish government for violation of animal rights.

Turkey's Ministry of Forestry and Water Works has set the penalty fines, due to be imposed in 2014.

According to information received by an AA correspondent, any kind of treatment which may lead to the extinction of an animal species will face a 15,226 Turkish liras ($ 7,000) fine.

Twenty one types of ill-treatment will be counted as offenses, among which are surgical operations by those lacking veterinary certificates. Killing un-owned or feeble animals against animal surveillance rules, and using animals in non-scientific experiments, also count as offenses. 

Those caught removing organs and cutting off parts of animals without medical necessity will be fined 1,825 Turkish liras ($ 800), rendering the wide practice of cutting off dogs' tails and ears illegal.

As part of the new rules, the state-owned TV broadcaster TRT will be required to air education programs about animal rights for two hours a month.


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