Turkey to launch ecolabel for textile, paper, ceramics

Seven firms to receive ecolabel certifying that their products are environment-friendly

Turkey to launch ecolabel for textile, paper, ceramics

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Turkey will launch its ecolabel certification allowing consumers to identify environment-friendly products, said an official on Tuesday.

The official from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization said the ministry has already completed a project aimed to integrate Turkey’s legislation into the EU's ecolabel legislation.

A closing ceremony of the Establishment of the National Environmental Labeling System will be held in the capital Ankara on Jan. 11.

During the event, winners for the National Ecolabel Logo Competition will be announced. Eighty-five logos are competing for the prize.

At the very first level of its implementation, three products in Turkey -- textile, ceramics and paper industry-- will get environmental labeling, said the official who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to media.

Products from seven firms, including two firms in the textile sector, two in the paper sector and three in the ceramic sector, will be ecolabeled.

An ecolabel system covers every stage of production, starting from procurement of the raw material.

The system encourages energy efficiency, waste minimization and sustainable production.

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