Turkish researcher designs 'life-saving' medical device

People suffering from advanced cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency to benefit from device made at university in Izmir

Turkish researcher designs 'life-saving' medical device

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A Turkish researcher at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University has designed a portable blood pumping machine, which is expected to save the lives of people suffering from advanced cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency.

Professor Erdem Silistreli, who has been a cardiologist for 28 years, has designed the device together with his nine people-strong team following five years of hard work amid his tight hospital schedule. 

The device, which is only about 20 centimeters in length, can remove large blood clots from the body and return oxygenated blood to patients.

Health specialists can use it anywhere since it is portable, differing from the existing ones, which are heavy and not mobile.

Patients in serious condition will not have to wait to go to the hospital to get treatment with this device, reducing the risks to their health.

“It is the first time that such a practical and portable device has been designed in Turkey,” Silistreli told Anadolu Agency in Izmir.

Usually, patients, who are in critical conditions and need an immediate response and life-support unit, end up waiting to be taken to a hospital, which in turn threatens their lives.

In Turkey, around 3,000 people with advanced cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency need such a life-supporting unit yearly, according to Dokuz Eylul University figures.

The needs of many of them are not met immediately since the machines are expensive and unreachable. However, the new device may end up changing these facts soon.


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