Bosnian films are like a miracle that just happen

Big crisis is what it takes for the good art, Danis Tanovic, Bosnian Oscar winner said in an interview.

Bosnian films are like a miracle that just happen

Oscar-winning Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic -- whose latest movie "An Episode in a Life of an Iron Picker" opened the 19 the Sarajevo Film Festival -- said given unfavorable conditions for the development of cinematography in Bosnia & Herzegovina, "each and every film made here is a miracle."  

"Maybe I can even say it is a double miracle if we know how hard it is to make a movie, especially how much energy and time one needs to make a movie here in Bosnia," Tanovic told an interview with the Anadolu Agency, complaining about the political and economic situation in the country.  

His 2001 debut "No Man's Land" won him the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and this year he was awarded the Silver Bear at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival with his docudrama "An Episode in a Life of a Iron Picker" which was shot with "an extremely small budget" and screened at the opening night of the Sarajevo festival.

"There is no such thing as a formula of success. If there were, everybody would apply it. I cannot tell you what it takes to make a good movie. Some films I made are very successful, and some are not. It means that I will do my best, and then, you have to wait in some way, for something to come," Tanovic said.

He is the president of this year's jury in the competition program of the Sarajevo festival. 

"Almost all of Bosnian films do not have a happy ending," he said. 

"That is one simple fact. When we look around, it is not what we can see. Hardly one can say that Bosnia looks like Switzerland, let's say. Why is like that, I am not sure... But, maybe life is hard here, and is it good for the art? In some strange way, hard times are what it takes for good art. At least here. No matter what, the art still exists," he said.

Tanovic is now working on his new movie that was shot recently in India. This year's festival in Sarajevo will be closed with again an Indian movie Tanovic produced - the Lunchbox.

On Turkish film industry, he said many new filmmakers became very important internationally.

"Turkish cinematography started to exist in a way like never before. Before it was more like Indian cinematography, more like Bollywood than some serious European cinematography. But, it is developing and that is very good. Turkey became an important economic power over the years, and that fact influences even the film industry. At the same time, like here, Turkey is a country with many problems, and it gives to the authors' one good base for movie making."


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