Egypt Muslim Brotherhood head Beltagi calls for unity

"Everybody made mistakes. This is the time to return to the right track, without trading blame," Mohamed al-Beltagi wrote in a message to his family.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood head Beltagi calls for unity

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Jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed al-Beltagi said all political players had made mistakes, urging all to correct these mistakes and unite to retain the course of the 2011 revolution.

"Everybody made mistakes. This is the time to return to the right track, without trading blame," Mohamed al-Beltagi wrote in a message to his family, a copy of which was obtained by Anadolu Agency.

"We urge everybody to correct their mistakes to achieve the objectives of the revolution," he added.

A university professor by profession, al-Beltagi was arrested in late August and placed in southern Cairo's maximum-security Al-Aqrab prison.

In late December, al-Beltagi vowed to maintain a hunger strike until Egyptian authorities stop taking "vengeful" measures against him.

"We will get over mistakes and break the coup," al-Beltagi wrote, in reference to the army's ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi in July.

"This will be done through the unity of those who call for justice, freedom, dignity and revenge on oppressors," he added.

Morsi supporters have been staging protests on almost a daily basis since the army unseated elected president.

Al-Beltagi's family members say they received the message during a prison visit to him on Saturday.

Prison authorities have recently attempted to prevent direct contact between Muslim Brotherhood prisoners and visiting family members, obliging them to see one another through thick glass dividers.

Muslim Brotherhood concerned about Morsi's safety

The Muslim Brotherhood expressed late on Sunday concerns about the health condition and safety of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

"We hold the leaders of the coup, the coup government and the prosecution the full responsibility for the safety of president Morsi," the group said in a statement, a copy of which was mailed to Anadolu Agency.

It called for allowing Morsi's family and lawyers to meet him.

The Brotherhood criticized the prosecution's refusal to allow lawyers to meet the ousted president.

"This raises many questions about the whereabouts of the president, his treatment, and his safety," it added.

A request filed by Egyptian lawyers to visit Morsi at Alexandria's Burg al-Arab Prison was denied by the country’s prosecution Saturday on "security reasons."

Last month, privately-owned daily Al-Masry al-Youm quoted Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim as saying that Morsi would not be allowed to meet with lawyers for "security reasons."

Morsi was flown to the maximum-security prison after appearing in court with seven other defendants to answer charges that he had incited the murder of anti-government demonstrators late last year.

The deposed leader first showed up in court on November 4. It was his first public appearance since his July 3 ouster and subsequent arrest by the military.

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